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Welcome to our glass factory B.F.Signoretti where you’ll find the best original artistical Murano glass pieces produced by the most important artists and a warm welcome by the family Signoretti during your visit.

…  a bit of history about Murano glass production…

The year 1291, in face of a growing threat of fires the Venetian Serenissima Republic decreed that all glass factories had to be transferred from Venice to the nearby

island of Murano.


Thus began the legendary Murano glass-blowing industry, and ever since the glass-blowing art has been synonymous with the name Murano. The long and fascinating history of Murano art envolved from the murrines filigree, reticelli and blow-glass art developed in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, to the exuberant Baroque, the brief flourishing of Neo-classicism and nineteenth-century revivals.


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