Rezzonico Chandeliers

In the early decades of 1700 a brilliant artist, Giuseppe Briati, manufactured in his own furnace hanging chandeliers with arms that were enriched by polychrome flowers and ornaments.

These chandeliers were to light up the palaces halls og great lords, theatres and streets on solemn events.

Most renowed and original jewels, these chandeliers are still manufactured by talented and professional glassmakers in one of the most prestigious glass Factories on Murano Island, according to Toso exclusive design. This kind of beautiful venetian chandelier requires great skill special processings, all purely handmade since the arms are formed by many small pieces of glass; its beauty lies in the triumph of flowers decorating the frame and the crests of structure.

The Rezzonico chandeliers are still manufactured as for the past, thinking that more than 200 hundreds glass flowers enrich a 80×80 cm chandelier.