B.F. Signoretti

B.F. Signoretti Founder, Sir Bruno Fusato Signoretti, created our Factory starting from the past but with a look into the future…..

“Our designer Gabriella Toso, descending from one of the most ancient Muranesi families dating from 1500, is still executing some wonderful and particular chandeliers in Rezzonico style in any color and size and some artistical blown pieces upon her family’s original drawings for Signoretti”

The most important works from each period are still being reproduced today, but the traditional creative spirit seeks new forms which to express contemporary motifs through. On display at Signoretti are hand-made chandeliers, created with centuriesold basic tool, remarkably light drinking glasses, etched and ornamented mirrors, vases in various shapes and colours, modern sculptures and numerous other objects, creations of the imagination and creativity of the glass art master.

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