A constant presence in Venice for Venice

A constant presence in Venice for Venice

Bruno - cavallo verdeBruno Fusato Signoretti was the first to rush, as an entrepreneur, to the rescue of the Gran Teatro La Fenice just after the disastrous fire of 1997. In this way B.F. Signoretti joined as an associate at Teatro La Fenice Foundation, managing the administrative and artistic aspects of the prestigious theater. In addition to this meritorious participation, the interventions by Sir Bruno Fusato in favor of the city had been many other ones. For example, the finish line “Gigio Fusato” at Regata Storica, the recovery of “Disnar dei Regatanti”, dinner with the champions of the oar and the rowing associations;  the trophy “Gigio Fusato”,  gondola regatta for champions, the recovery of “Regata del  Bocolo”, an ancient rowing competition in Saint Mark’s basin, the restoration of 4 paintings in the church of San Francesco della Vigna. The audiences with His Holiness Pope John Paul II and the gift of a gold and crystal icon depicting Our Lady Nicopeia and, later on, two ampoules made of blown glass in B.F. Signoretti furnace. In addition, the gift to the Chamber of Deputies of a blown glass bell with the coat of arms of the public institution. Other works of charity and contributions to various sporting events, with a particular attention to the old rowing champions, were committed. For these reasons, the Mayor of Venice publicly acknowledged Sir Bruno Fusato Signoretti as Deserving Citizen and the ancient order of the Knights of St. Mark’s awarded him the title of Knight of St. Mark. The honoris causa in Doctor of Business Administration was conferred to Bruno Fusato Signoretti by the prestigious Constantinian University at Cranston Rhode Island County of Providence (USA) for his entrepreneurship, social and cultural merits.

“Some people have one hundred and keep it all for themselves. When I have a hundred, I spend ninety to innovate, promote and defend Venice and its traditions. I help those who were not as lucky as I was, even if I owe my fortune to my intuition and hard work. And I am proud to loudly state that Signorettis never betray.”

Sir Bruno Fusato Signoretti

Bruno Fusato Signoretti - Archibishop - Daniel Nigro


In June 2013 Sir Bruno Fusato was selected as the 2013 recipient of the Organization’s Special Recognition Award by Columbia Association Fire Department City of New York. He was recognized for his untiring friendship with New York City’s firefighters and Columbia Association and for his generous support of their scholarship efforts (for the children of fallen emergency responders on 9-11-01). The prize was awarded by President Keith Tanico during 79th Columbia Asssociation Annual Scholarship Dinner Dance held at Russo’s on the Bay, Howard Beach, New York.

Sir Bruno Fusato presented a personal gift to His Eminence, a set of glasses and 2 ampoules decorated with the coat of arms of Cardinals to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, similar to those donated to John Paul II back in December 1997.




In September 2014 Sir Bruno sponsored the most important rowing event in Venice, the Historical Regatta “Regata Storica”.








Sir Bruno Fusato Signoretti passed away on October 4th, 2014, but his memory is always very vivid in our hearts,  everything reminds us of him…. And it could not be otherwise, as we carry on the values he taught us to appreciate: love to our families, to Venice and its traditions. We will never forget him.


Bruno ditta


Luna and Alex, his grandchildren: B.F. Signoretti’s future and continuity

Signoretti future 3