The fountain has been executed about 25 years ago by Maestro Loredano Rosin, at the top of his career and the peak of his artistic path.

The 8 mermaids (that pose in different  positions and expressions) have been crafted with the technique “scavo” that replicates ancient sculpture.

The fountain, 170 cm tall, has a diameter of 150 cm and has 8 figures and 8 top plaques with a vase-shaped container that receives the 39 streams of water squirted from holes hidden by just as many glass flowers. Thanks to a colored glass plaque placed under the 16 above, the water streams get different colors.

The edge of the fountain is made of 33 leaves that become as a frame for the sculptures and are supported by a columns of 33 long leaves and a base of 21 leaves

The fountain has been also displayed by the Hotel Europa & Regina and has become a unique piece since the Maestro passed away on November 11th 1991.