B.F. Collection

The B.F. Signoretti line is a new way of living glass, it’s a concept of the Fusato Signoretti family. In particular Barbara who wanted to pay honour to the memory of her father, a gentleman, one of the last true lovers of the city of Venice.

Involving some of the last great Murano glass masters in the creation of a line of artistic glass, inspired by Signoretti and interpreted by individual artists that have made unique and unrepeatabie operas that reflect their personalities and creative genious.

Signoretti, with their exclusive B.F. signature, guarantees the ginuinity of each individual opera and their adherence to the principles that have inspired this new line, we want this art to remain vital and alive, so as Alex, Luna and Lorenzo, the beloved grandchildren, may participate in the wonderfull adventure their grandfather began, but at the same time the new B.F. Signoretti line would like to be a stimulus for the younger masters to emulate the great and famous Murano artists without forgetting our roots… Voga Via… (Row Away)